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Expert Home Health Care

Here for seniors and their loved ones, Atrio Home Health offers a variety of services that help older adults get back to enjoying their independent lifestyle after an illness or surgery. Most of all, you get the services needed in the most comforting of places—your home.

Atrio Home Health uses a multidisciplinary team of registered nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, medial social workers, home health aides, and dietitians that is customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

Our Home Health team are available to help with a range of conditions including:


If pain in your muscles, tissues, joints, or bones is making living independently difficult, our expert team of nurses, aides, and therapists can help. We will evaluate and treat movement impairments and provide the guidance you need to help you meet your health and daily living goals.


After being discharged from in-patient treatment, our team will meet you where you are and work to help you achieve the highest level of independence and quality of life possible after your stroke. Together, Atrio’s nurses, aides, social workers, and therapists will help you regain or relearn the physical functions and skills of daily living as well as help to improve your emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing.


Our certified wound care nurses follow evidence-based treatment protocols and use clinically-proven medications and products to help improve patient comfort and optimize healing time. We will continue to monitor the wounds closely to ensure they are improving and help educate both the patient and caregivers on how to care for the wounds and change dressings. Wound care needs the Atrio team can help manage include non-healing wounds, surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, vascular leg ulcers, burns, and preventative skin measures such as support surface and moisture management.


For those with chronic health conditions and complex care needs, Atrio will help coordinate in-home care. Our team starts with a comprehensive assessment of each person’s needs for health and social supports. From there, we will implement an individualized care plan that helps optimize the functions and activities of daily living including but not limited to care coordination, medication management, physical therapy, palliative care, assistive technology, and personal care assistance.


Physical changes that come with aging, changes in family and friendships, and changes in living situations all have can have an effect on one’s mental health. For any older adult suffering from chronic or functionally-limiting behavioral health issues, the Atrio Home Health team is ready to help. Our team comes offers in-home medication management and individualized therapy services to help those struggling with varying levels of depression, anxiety, trauma, and early-onset to late-stage dementia.


Whether recovering from surgery, dealing with heart, circulatory, or respiratory issues, or suffering from on-going health problems, Atrio Home Health’s nurses, aids, therapists, and social workers can provide the help and direction needed to ensure medication regimens are managed safely and effectively. Our team will assess each individual’s understanding of and ability to self-administer their medications and develop strategies to ensure all medications are properly utilized. These strategies will be shared with the patient, family members, and other informal caregivers to make sure that the intended medication regimens are adhered to and maintained.



  • Disease Education and Management: Assistance with prescribed medication, as well as education that teaches how to read a label, ensure proper dosing and recognizing any side effects of medication.
  • Medical and Surgical Nursing: Atrio Home Health employs registered nurses proficient in delivering a broad range of comprehensive skilled nursing care to clients with complex medical and surgical diagnoses. Our nurses provide holistic care to facilitate achievement of the patient’s optimal health. They also complete physical assessments, perform technical procedures, provide skilled teaching to clients and caregivers, as well as coordinate other needed services such as therapists, home health aides and medical social services. All services are provided under the direction of the patient’s personal physician.
  • Mental Health Services: Atrio Home Health provides a specialized in-home psychiatric program that assists patients in maintaining, restoring and promoting their physical, emotional and spiritual health. The program is staffed by specially trained psychiatric nurses who observe and assess physical and mental needs; assess responses to medication, coping strategies and behavior changes, as well as supervise and coordinate other needed services like occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, home health aides and medical social services. All psychiatric home care is provided under the direction of the patient’s personal physician.
  • Palliative Care: Our expert team of skilled nurses work to ease the physical pain, nausea, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Our team's goal is to bring relief to the physical and mental stress patients experience when dealing with a complex illness.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy promotes recovery and wellness by restoring and maximizing functional mobility. Skilled interventions include strength, balance, gait/ambulation, flexibility, posture, aerobic training, client/caregiver education and the reduction of pain. Therapists have experience working with cardiac, vestibular, incontinence, lymphedema and medically complex clients. Your Atrio Home Health Physical Therapy team will consist of all licensed Physical Therapists (PT).

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy promotes a person’s ability to perform daily activities by maximizing function. These include therapeutic activities to promote independence in bathing, dressing, grooming, home management, client/caregiver education and the reduction of pain. Therapists are also experienced in working with clients dealing with dementia and mental health problems. The Occupational Therapy teams consist of registered Occupational Therapists (OTR) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA).

Speech Language Therapy

Speech therapy promotes improvement in speech, language, cognition, communication and swallowing. Techniques can include the following: alternative communication techniques or devices; addressing cognitive limitations; exercise programs for improving vocalization, chewing and swallowing; determining safe food and liquid consistencies and client/caregiver education. In addition, the speech therapist can also recommend further radiographic assessment for patient safety. Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) are certified professionals holding a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association.

Medical Social Services

Our medical social services team assesses a client’s psychosocial, as well as financial needs, and assists with the development of a care plan to ensure that those needs are being met in the short- and long-term. Individuals within the medical social services department counsel for long-range planning and decision-making; assess and link to community resources to provide short-term intervention related to current illness, referring as needed for long-term therapy; provide crisis intervention as necessary.

Home Health Aides

Pre-screened specialists are trained to assist clients with everyday tasks and activities related to daily living, allowing for those in need of a bit of assistance to receive the help they need.

Registered Dietitians

Our food and nutrition experts are skilled in providing the best nutritional outcomes for healthy living, and help clients make whatever dietary choices are needed for a more rewarding lifestyle.

Telehealth Monitoring

Atrio Home Health provides daily Telehealth Monitoring of qualified clients with cardiac, pulmonary and other diagnoses that require assistance with disease management. Telehealth allows for remote monitoring of vital signs, including blood pressure, weight, heart rate, pulse oximetry and blood sugars. It also allows for preventative and proactive care, enabling nurses and physicians to intervene early with changes to a patient’s health.